Sunday, 1 July 2012

Designer VS High Street

The truth is the battle of Designer Clothing and High Street Clothing has been raging over the last few years since the High Street have been pinching Designer Looks and giving them to the General public at a snip of the designer price tag, but the truth is despite this offering of designer looks the High Street is suffering worse than ever. Within the last few years the High Street has been starting to unravel, despite all the designer inspired looks available on the British High Street. The answer to why this is has happened is simple... Consumer tastes are changing.
The truth is consumers are now buying investment pieces to put in their wardrobe, timeless classics that will still be in there 5, 10, 20 years from now. Consumers are constatntly aware that investing for the future is better than buying seasonal clothing. Whether it's a pair of classic Christian Louboutin's, a Issa LBD or a Mulberry Bag, somethings are timeless and have a place in every wardrobe.

The other sad truth is that the state of the economy hasn't affected the people the people who can afford designer goods, the people for whom Net a Porter is like shopping at Topshop, despite the state of the economy the Luxury good market has actually has seen an increase in sales over the last three years. This just further highlights the point that designer classics are what consumers are buying, while the High Street slips continues to fall apart at the seems.

Now Mary Potas is a bit of an idol of mine and is the saviour of the British High Street, but even now I still believe that for some High Street's it's too late. As a nation who doesn't make as much as we use to and a economy in which no one is spending the future does seem bleak. However it's time for everyone to get back on the high street spend their hard earned cash, factories to open their doors and get making British Clothing and for everyone to come together and save the country from finacial ruin. I know it's all well and good saying this but it's true if we invested in British design and made more products in this country and inparticular clothing, part of our problem could be solved. Mary Portas agrees and a women who has emmassed such a fortune and changed the way we look at the clothing industry in this country I doubt she could be wrong.
Britain use to make a lot of clothing and we are famous for some heritage brands who still hand make clothing in this country and we should be proud of that. However onvesting in designer clothing will never be a bad thing but lets mix it up and go back to buying on the high street i can't imagine any wardobe not needing a Marks and Spencers classic coat, a trendy pair of topshop heels or a Reiss dress with royal approval. Go forth and mix a little luxury with the handy High Street.

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